FACEBOOK Marketing

fb-marketingIs Aed. 500 too much for an ad that REACHES over 100,000 people in you city?

If you think that it’s worth the effort for a positive ROI, go ahead, read this article…

You have probably tried everything in the book to get your business up, specially now that the economy is down. Traditional media costs are a bomb and have a very short shelf life. You don’t have the budget to gamble anymore.

So what do you do now?

Have you tried Facebook Marketing?

Using Facebook to engage with your target market will certainly boost your sales.

Well, what we suggest is not the crazy notion of “LIKES” and FOLLOWS” that’s being spread around these days, it doesn’t work. You probably already have a Social Media marketer on board who thinks he or she is doing a great job, but can’t tell you why your ad or post is a non performer and is probably blaming it on the economy.


In every business there is always a trick. It is this trick what makes a new business or an existing business stand out from the crowd. It’s those who get to the trick first, get a head start – yes, “The Early Bird Catches the Worm”. Our trick is a combination of strategies that we use to market your product on Facebook to reach thousands of FB members in your area, city or country.

What’s more, it’s affordable and worth the ROI

1 Ad or 1 Post  = Aed. 500 – reaches 0ver 50,000 people

2 Ads or 2 Post  per week – Aed. 800

6 Ads or 6 Post per month – Aed. 2000

6 Months 25 ads or 25 post per month – Aed. 5000

Contact us at sales@cyberworld-me.com to place your ad. We guarantee you that it’s wort the ROI.