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Yes, mobile technologies are on the rise. There is a global increase in the usage of iPhones, iP pads and other, Android Mobile Technology and SMART phones. Consumers have moved on to a mobile market place and so have business marketers.


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Choosing Your Enterprise Mobile Application Architecture

The long term ¬financial implications of mobile app development can be huge and picking the right development strategy and architecture might be a million-dollar decision. You need a ¬financially viable and sustainable means of    developing and maintaining mobile apps. This is where selecting the right mobile application architecture comes in.

Mobile Application Architectures

As you can see that many factors come into play when choosing mobile application architecture. The number of options can further complicate the decision making process. ThatÔÇÖs why itÔÇÖs important to understand your mobile appÔÇÖs requirements.

At a Glance
The mobile application architecture you choose dictates how quickly and cost effectively you can release new and updated mobile apps to your user base.

Many factors come into play when choosing the best mobile application architecture for your app. Here is a quick overview of the mobile application architecture types, their advantages and disadvantages at a glance.

Native Apps

ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áRun on a specific device and mobile operating system
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áBuilt using native code (e.g. Objective-C or Swift)
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áCan only be downloaded from an app store.
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áApp registration involves a lot of time
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áLive on the device\Consumes space on the device using its resources to process information
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áTakes a lot of time to develop (1-2 months per operating system)
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áHigh development cost as an App has to be developed for each device
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áDifficult to manage updates and changes
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áEngage a developer throughout

Bottom line
Build a native app when you want to deliver an extraordinary user experience at any cost. Games, like Angry Birds, are a good candidate for native apps.

Preference: Not popular.

Hybrid Apps

ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áPart lives on the device and part served from an application server
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áBuilt using a cross-platform framework
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áRun on multiple mobile operating systems (after fine tuning for each operating system)
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áDownloaded from an app store
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áHas to be registered on App stores which involves a lot of time
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áAn app has to be developed for each device which involves very high development cost

Bottom Line
Build a hybrid web app when you need to access device capabilities or you want to distribute a branded app via the app stores. This is an ideal approach for apps that access, manipulate and display data as opposed to highly complex graphics or animations. An example of a hybrid web application is the Banana Republic app


Mobile Web Apps

ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áRun on any device with a web browser
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áBuilt using standard web technologies
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áServed from an application server
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áNo download is needed, does not take up any space or use any device resource
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áAdapts to any SMART phone or Tablet PC device
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áNo App store registration at App store required
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áCan be managed by any web administrator
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬áMinimum development time (usually 2 weeks only)
ÔÇó┬á┬á ┬á┬╝ the cost of a native app.

Bottom Line
Build a mobile web app when you want your application to be accessible from any device, without the need to install an application from an app store. An example of a mobile web application is the Financial Times web app.

Default, most common and preferred choice. Leading companies have found great success with integrated mobile and web platforms that not only allow them to solve their enterprise mobility problem but help them address the entirety of their application development and delivery challenges.