Is your company ready for Dubai Expo 2020?

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The EXPO 2020, Dubai is a major event and a great time to market your business.┬á Over Dh11 billion worth of Expo 2020 contracts to support DubaiÔÇÖs growth have been awarded to contractors and ┬áservice providers. This expo is for everyone, not just the business community. It will bring in new people, new visitors and new interest in Dubai, with international coverage and global exposure,

Are you ready for the EXPO 2020?

The Internet would be the first place where one would go, to find the information they need.

An up to date website should be on your list of priorities .  

Have you ever visited a website that has a copyright dated 2014? Does it make you wonder if theyÔÇÖre still in business, or if they still service your area? Having outdated content on your site, mentioning things like an old location of your business or not-modern technology, can be perceived by your potential customers that your business doesnÔÇÖt keep up with the latest trends.

A boring and hard to navigate website can scare clients away before they even know what you are about. You want to be sure that you put your best foot forward when seeking out new clients, and keeping your website up to date is one of the most important things you can do for this.

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The top three things to focus on when updating your website are:

  1. Updating Your Website Design
  2. Keep Your Content Fresh
  3. Mobile Friendly Website
  4. Keep the Target Market in Mind
  5. Updating Your Website Security

Updating Your WebsiteÔÇÖs Design

Many businesses focus only on content and internet marketing but fail to address the design and navigation of their website. Some of the things to avoid on your website include difficult navigation, colors that are either too boring or far too obnoxious, and unnecessarily long customer contact forms. All of these things can lead to a website that steers customers away even if your content is top notch.

Keeping Your Content Fresh

Keeping the content up to date on your site helps build trust between you and your customers. Most likely, customers rely on your site for useful information on whatever market you are in.

Mobile-Friendly Website

60% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, and Tablets. This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly and easy to view on a smaller screen, you could be missing out on over half of your potential customers. ItÔÇÖs that simple!

Keep the Target Market in Mind

A websiteÔÇÖs design should focus around the needs of the target customer. This means providing easily accessible, engaging content that the ideal customer within your target market will find useful.┬áIt also means that the website is ultimately focused around converting those visitors into customers. Your target market may change over time as you expand your business, hire new employees, or invest in new tools, so be sure youÔÇÖre adapting the content of your website accordingly.

Need help keeping your website secure and up to date?

Website hacking is the buzz word of the day. You don’t want an outdated website program running your site. It is about time you take this message seriously and get your website protected with a good up to date security┬á program.

In Summary

Our country and lives are driven around having the latest and greatest. We like for things to be new, refreshing and up to date. If this is how our culture is driven, why should your website be out of date and stale?

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