Security & Surveillance

security And Survelliance

No one can take security lightly in this day and age, whether you’re a small-to-medium business or a high-level organization with offices in several different countries.

Surveillance is key. If you’re confused about the right solution to use, CWIS is here to help – our company specializes in a host of industry-leading surveillance solutions.

A few of our standout offerings include;

  • Hemispheric cameras that provides a 360┬░ panoramic view for complete room monitoring, with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom with an integrated speaker and microphone and alarm function
  • DualNight cameras with a dual-action that adjusts to both day and night environments
  • PIR sensor for motion detection in the dark and a microphone and speaker with full audio functionality
  • VoIP and SIP telephony with video
  • Traffic control radar cameras
  • Speed detection Speed-Guns

Whether you’re looking to survey what’s happening at branch locations or having smaller, discreet cameras set up in sensitive environments, or monitoring traffic – radars, speed-guns etc. choose from our wide range of solutions and we’ll take care of it all – from setup and installation right through to support maintenance and storage of confidential video and audio data.


  • MOBOTIXMobotix is known as an innovative producer of smart and autonomous IP cameras since the year 2000. The cameras were equipped with CMOS sensors without any moving parts to improve back-light situations and long term reliability. The.cameras are produced weatherproof and IP66 protected with one of the highest quality standards.
  • TruCam TruCAM L-TI 20/20 the most sophisticated speed enforcement tool available today.┬á The TruCAM collects and stores a complete chain of video evidence for both speeding and tailgating violations, along with a high-resolution image that identifies vehicle make, model and license plate number.
  • TruSpeed – With the introduction of the LTI 20/20 TruSpeed laser speed gun in 2007, Laser Technology Inc accomplished an engineering feat no other laser measurement manufacturer has done — design a laser speed device that offered the accuracy and reliability that LTI is known for, yet be priced so even the smallest of departments could afford to use LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology.
  • KDL-HY3006 – PTZ Camera for Day &Night Special for Highway Security, Special for Police Car